Batter Up

As I pondered a title for this “slice of life” writing prompt, the term ‘batter up’ came to mind. For those who know me, they know that I am a sports fan. However, that among all of the sports, baseball is one of the few I never grew to fancy.

So why keep it?

This, being my first blog post, fit with the theme. I am stepping up to the plate of one of my passions and trying to find my way to lift that bat and swing it towards some sort of routine of getting back into being mindful on taking time for myself.

It may not be Tuesday, but as I read through the comments I knew this was a perfect place to start my journey. A “slice of life” for me includes full-time University studies, a minumum of five (5) volunteering positions, part-time work and one, albeit new, writing position in a magazine that I hope is an up-and-comer.

I am a mere 22-years of age and for most, I look as if I have it “all figured it.” Notably, I’ve already grown a habit of using ‘quotations’ around some of my thoughts. This is a habit that I hope does not continue, though lately much of my brain feels like it is nothing more than that- a quotation that could have several emotions piled up behind it.

Why? Because I haven’t a darn clue what I am doing.

The field in which I wish to pursue is a competitive one. One that if you do not have at least a 4.0 (A) average, you do not have a chance at entry. Some feel as if this is exaggeration- I assure you it is not. So the youth dottle off to find their volunteering positions, ensuring that they can look as if they are not selfish during their studies. I assure any reader that I love volunteering. I love people 98% of the time (that 2% is for when I go to work as a server and those can’t-be-pleased customers come along) and I wish to work with them in my professional life as well. But it is hard, looking after others and remember there is one person that typically gets left behind..


At any given time this week, I should be studying for a 70% final I have in a cognition course. At any given time tonight, I have allowed my passions for other areas that I have neglected for far too long to win in the realization that I have not been doing what I advocate others consistently find time for: themselves! So today, at 3:04am, I do not feel guilty for prying away from the textbook I should be reading because I need time to make space for my sanity and more importantly, my other passions.

And for tonight, that is okay.


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